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Petition 24

Petition 24|

Pilgrims flock and Teshovskogo monastery prepared an appeal addressed to the bishops of the Czech Orthodox Church, with humble request not to deprive one of the most loyal members of its ability to make the Divine Liturgy as a punishment for having carried out his pastoral duties.

You can sign a letter in support

Just order a prayer for 40 days

If your heart feels the same - order a prayer for 40 days for Bishop Christopher|

This is what he has done for us in every day of his more than 40 years of service. We humbly ask you about that in his Temple You have supported Bishop, prayer. Order, please Prayers! This is our Christian response! We hope that God will hear our prayer, humble with the lord and leave victim to the glory of God, the forgiveness of our sins, and for the good of the Holy Apostolic Orthodox Church.

I choose the Liturgy!

If you feel the same and agree that in this situation is necessary to go to the church and pray for the health of Bishop Christopher and cease of his persecution and removal of the prohibition in the service of the Church as a priest and bishop - do not be silent!

Отлично! Сообщение получено.

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