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I believe that the good done by a human should not be punished!

If you feel the same and agree that in this situation is necessary to go to the church and pray for the health of Bishop Christopher and cease of his persecution and removal of the prohibition in the service of the Church as a priest and bishop - do not be silent!


A humble plea to the readers:


Dear readers of the website, the brothers and sisters in Christ!

We hope that you feel this site not to be aggressive and not to be aimed to a war. Christ is love! A big plea to everyone whose view of the world and the situation is different at that moment: it is not necessary to write a comment.

 For each Liturgy Bishop Christopher not only prayed for the health and welfare of current Representatives of the Church in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and all the heads of local Orthodox Churches, but also did not forget in his prayers his persecutors, how the Gospel teaches us. So just pray today for his health. Save you, Lord!

Отлично! Сообщение получено.

Just order Prayers for the health!
If your heart feels the same - order Prayers for Bishop Christopher |


This is what he has been doing for us every day of his more than 40 years of carrying out his pastoral duties. We kindly ask You for a prayer support for the Bishop in your churches. Please, order the Prayers! This is our Christian response! We hope that God will hear our prayer, we hope and bow with the Bishop Cristopher to our Lord and sacrifice in the glory of God, for the forgiveness of our sins, and for the good of the Holy Apostolic Orthodox Church.

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